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The Release Part 1

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

(Prophecy being Fulfilled)

Habakkuk 2:2-3, And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Verse (3) For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. (opening Scripture)


Good morning, Brothers and Sisters in Christ (Yahshua).

As always, Prophet Phillips and I greet you with love, prayer, and well wishes. Our prayer is that everyone is well and that we all are walking in God’s favor, mercy, and grace, during these wonderful and glorious times that are upon us today. We must ALL make sure that we are in constant prayer, studying the WORD of God, and keeping our spiritual ears opened so that we can hear what God is speaking to his people. As God’s people, let us not be deceived and miss out on the greatest time of the fulfillment of prophecy as it relates to us as His people.

I would like to start by saying, I hope you all are enjoying the messages that we are sending your way weekly, especially last week’s message titled Targeted. If there are any of the 6 messages that you did not received and would like to, please send a request, and I will make sure you get them all. Additionally, feel free to share these messages with others by forwarding them to your friends and other family members. If they are a blessing to you, then bless someone else with this word.

Family of God, this week, we will be dealing with two topics: prophecy and release. It is fundamentally necessary, in order to properly explain this release, I must first share some vital information on prophecy. If you will look at verse 3 from the scripture above in Habakkuk, you will see a couple of words that is underlined. “{The vision is yet for an appointed time)” Prophecy is information that is given or revealed to a prophet in their time, to be fulfilled at another appointed time. It is important for you to understand that spiritual prophecy from God, is NOT a prediction. It is a word of TRUTH spoken by Him that WILL come to past at an appointed time. When we think about Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Isaiah, and the other major prophets, God gave them truth about the things to come that they themselves could not really see or understand. However, out of obedience, they wrote the vision, (what they saw) and they tried to make it as plain as possible, based on their understanding. Isaiah and Micah were 2 different prophets, living in different times. However, God gave them the same prophecy, which was not for their time. Prophecy, “But in the last days, it shall come to pass that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and nations shall flow into it.” (Isaiah 2:2) God gave Micah in chapter 4 verse 1 the exact prophecy.

Let us continue with Daniel. The vision God showed Daniel, and commissioned him to write was, Daniel 10:14, Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days; for yet the vision is for many days. Every time God gave instructions to the prophets to write a prophecy or vision, they would always say, “in that time, in that day, in the last days, in the latter days, in that appointed time, and finally in the Lord’s day. (These prophecies represent the time of God’s intervention in human affairs and in many cases, it represents end-time events) Here in Rev.4:2, John describes a scene in heaven in a vision as he was in the spirit. (not for his time, but for a time to come) Another vision (prophecy) John saw, (not for his time, but for a time to come) Rev. 5:1, “And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and on the back sealed with seven seals.” Question, Was John able to interpret this vision and explain the scroll and the seven seals? Of course not. He was to write it down and make it plain so that the prophets that will be raised up for this time will be able to read, understand and run with it. They are to warn the people during this time so they can be prepared for what John saw then, that’s about to take place now. Believe me; these seals will be opened by The Lamb of God, and these end-time events are and will continue to be unleashed on the earth. The prophets of old from Isaiah-John, prophecies, never contradicted each other. They were always on point and in accordance with each other.

Another question you might ask; How will we know and understand the prophecies that are being fulfilled today in this season during our time? GLAD YOU ASKED! God has sent forth prophets in the earth today, and has given them the interpretation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding through the Holy Ghost. He has anointed and set them apart for just this cause. Remember Jeremiah 1:5. God said, “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. You see, family of God, these prophets are not man called. They are called, sanctified, and ordained by God before they entered the earth. They are able to identify the fulfillment of the prophecies spoken by the prophets of old. They can and will interpret these events that Daniel, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Joel, Malachi, and other prophets saw, but was only able to write it down. We see some of these prophets daily, but yet we can’t pick them out by just looking at them, even though they are marked.

Are all who profess to be prophets of God, are really true prophets? The scriptures do say beware of false prophets. Matthews 7:15, Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep clothing. But inwardly they are ravening wolves. A true prophet does not come to you for selfish gain. They will speak the word of God that will confirm something that has already been uttered. He speaks on the behalf of God to His people. Google states, “He serves as an intermediary with humanity from the supernatural by delivering messages or teaching from the supernatural source to others. When we think of the supernatural, let’s not forget that the enemy (against God) also has a supernatural source as well. Godly prophets’ word must line up and confirm the WORD of God as well as His plans. It is important for us to be able to recognize or discern spirits. 1st John 4:1, {“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”)

Therefore, Brothers and Sisters, with everything that is going on in the world naturally and spiritually, don’t be discouraged, confused, or without hope. God has raised up True Prophets in this time whom he has appointed, anointed, and equipped to explain what the prophets of old wrote and said would happen in that (this) day and in that (this) time. They are preaching it in the church, over the airways, and many have written books, and are actually seeing what they wrote years ago, coming to pass in this season. Praise the Almighty God!

So, as I close this message, I would just like to add, God never left us clueless, misguided, without direction, information, nor revelation. He has given to us in this season PROPHETS that are being led by the HOLY GHOST (SPIRIT).

I know that we did not get to the RELEASE. However, we will continue with that part of the message this up-coming week. It was important to introduce to some, and review with others, the prophets of God. Remember they are the ones that God is using to reveal, confirm, and give the true revelation on the end time events dealing with, people, places, and timing. God is speaking through his prophets, The Release. So, he that has an ear to hear, let him hear what God is saying to His people.

As I close, I just want to say, Prophet Phillips and myself (Sister Phillips) are forever praying for your strength, and safety, as we continue to endure this COVID -19 pandemic, and support the peaceful protesting that is taken place to end racial injustice and oppression of black, brown, yellow, and white people all over the world, but especially in America.

Let us prepare for the RELEASE!

Until next week,

We love you all with a sincere Love in Yahshua Messiah (Jesus Christ)

release part 2
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